Monday, February 1, 2016

Birdies "Podtastic" Canvas

Hey, Friends.

I finished my second canvas,  albeit a little one (4x6"),
using the techniques I learned in the online
Podtastic class by Jodi Ohl.

First bit of background layers using acrylics:
color blocks, acrylic ink, dots, stenciled squares,
some words and scribbles with the end of my brush.

I decided to morph my pods
into birds this time and love the way they turned out, 
affectionately rubbing their necks together.

"You get me"

I added quite a bit more to the under layer,
as you can see, before blending in around
the birds.

Next up will be a flower pod canvas unless
I decide to change them into something else.
I'm thinking something ocean related.

I really want to take her "Dirty Flirty Birds"
online class next but I need to save my pennies for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by!!



Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New obsession - Stamp Carving

Hey, Friends.

I always love see Julie Fei-Fan Balzer 's stamps
and so admire her carving ability.
It's something I've wanted to try for quite awhile
and so when I rec'd some Michael's gift cards
I decided to use them to buy a carving kit and
some speedball rubber.
It's a tad pricey but you gotta love those 40% off Michael's coupons.

I started with a little beach birdie , those
cute little birds with long skinny legs
 that chase the tidal waves in and out.
I love watching them, they are truly so funny.
If I could only move that fast!

As you can see I kinda botched that circle for the eye
but decided that artistic license prevails here
and that wonky circle is actually 
a "feather" accent and that a black ink pen
works just fine for drawing in eye detail.

Next I carved a feather.

I find it super relaxing to carve stamps.
It seems very meditative to me and who
can't use more of that.

Now, here is the funny mistake I made.

 So, everyone knows you have
to carve it backwards to get it to
stamp correctly.
I have a long way to go with carving letters.

And here is the tag using my new hand-carved stamps.

Coming soon, I 'll be showing some stamps I carved
from my own stencils.

Thanks for coming by as always!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

A "Podtastic" Canvas

Hey, Friends!

I've been taking Jodi Ohl's Podtastic
 online painting class and I have so loved it.
She has a very relaxed teaching style
(which I need)
and is very  generous and thorough 
with her painting tips.

It's a really funky and colorful style of art,
which is not usually my thing,
but it just resonates with me now
after coming off of a hard 3 years in my personal life.

One of our exercises was to practice
doodling pods in our art journal and
then to doodle them onto a painted 
and layered background.
I decided to turn mine into flowers.

initial background layer

The hubby says they look like Dr. Seuss land flowers.

Then onto that scary, empty white canvas.
That first layer of paint...... oh my.
But then it really became fun
and I really enjoyed the whole process.

"Celebrate your uniqueness"

An up close detail of a some of the pods.
You can see here that the under layer
is quite filled with marks, scribbles, and paint.
Can you see my word "inspiration"?

I wish I had taken some pictures of the background
layers before the pods were circled in.
Next time.

My word for 2016 is Inspiration and I plan
to do what I can to keep inspiration in my life.
Taking art classes is a good place to start.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Joy!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beginning 2016 with Gratitude

Hey, Friends!

I saw these sweet little Gratitude Jars made
from mason jars on Pinterest a while back
and decided this would be perfect for the new year.

Super easy to make and you can put all that
scrapbooking paper that is spilling out of
your supply closet to good use.
Well, actually that would be me.

I gathered a stack of coordinating designer paper
(from various companies) and cut them into
6x1.5 inch strips and then cut them in half
to 3x1.5 strips. 
You will use these strips 
to write down your grateful memories from the year.

I then made a paper wrap for the strips. 
I had this fabulous brown paper with the word "today"
 written all over it from Cratepaper that
I used for the wrap. I punched a hole in one end and
wrapped some hemp twin around the little packet.

Next came a gratitude tag and cutting a circle
of paper to cover the lid.

I grabbed some vintage lace and glued
it to the jar and then wrapped some more
hemp twin around the neck of the jar,
attaching the tag. 
I then finished it off with a vintage key
and placed the paper slips inside.

I already have 3 gratitude slips in there
with the latest one just written a few days ago;
"I am grateful that one of my grandbabies only 
lives 7 minutes from me now."

Now , I have a sweet way to remember those things
I am thankful for and I can open up that jar
and re-read those memories when I need a pick-me up.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Creative Jumpstart 2016

Hey, Friends!

This is my third year to be a Jumper
I have to say this has been my favorite year;
titled "Art in Translation".

Nathalie Kalbach, creator of the series,
centered this year's theme around several Master Artists.
The first week was Matisse and we were encouraged
to "translate" his style into our own art.

This was my Matisse inspired art journal page.

I was beyond thrilled to have Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
feature this at her blog along with
other Creative Jumpstarters!
Thanks Julie!

This past week's artist was Jean Michel Basquiat
who, I have to admit, I didn't know much about. 
Very interesting artist.
I'll be trying to translate his style this week in my journal.

There is still time to join Creative Jumpstart 2016.
I highly recommend it!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello and 2105 Year in Review Part 1

Hey Friends!!

It's been two years since I posted on this blog!

I was art blogging under another name last year but
decided to close that blog this past summer due to LIFE,
(you name it, it was happening).
This blog  had been left open because of all the traffic
I was still getting here for my tutorials so I decided
to get back on here in 2016 because this
year is all about doing what I love
and having the courage to do it.
More on courage later at a later post.

I thought I'd post a review of  some of my fav atc's
 for the year to kick things off.


"Break Out"

"Cemetery Angels"

"Down Under"



"Prom Dresses"

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of of the review.

Blessings for a courageous year of art!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Face Stencil Tutorial

I made this tutorial for my Paper Traders group
where I shared it at our group blog this week.
Re-posting it here for y'all.

Well , Julie Fei Fan Balzer has done it again.
She has come out with a line of face stencils
for those of us who LOVE her art journal pages
and wish we could just draw those darn faces.

So, I thought what about making my own face stencil?
But wait, I can't draw faces.
So you see the dilemma.

What if I found a magazine image of a face and
used it as a template to create a stencil?
Now we are on to something.

I found this image from a local magazine/newspaper.
I tore it out and then using a black sharpie,
I traced over the prominent lines I wanted
to feature in the stencil;
hair lines, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
You can see that I left out the arm and
just drew hair strands across it.

I then laid my clear mylar over the image
and retraced over those lines with the sharpie.

Next cut out those shapes/lines with
a sharp x-acto knife.

Lay out the stencil on the already prepared background
of your art journal page. I used a make-up sponge
and dabbed black ink into the spaces
(Colorbox archival pigment).

Went back with a brush tip Pitt pen to fill in
the line gaps from the stencil.
I also went in and thickened some lines and
added some more hair curls.

I started to shade the highlights and lowlights
of her face. Looking back at the magazine image
will help you here to see light and dark areas.

All that's left is to add your text and any
embellishments you might want.

You can even take that same stencil,
flip it over and just fill in a few basic lines from
the stencil, just to get the shape of the face
and placement of the eyes and nose.
 I then went in and added a different mouth,
accented the eyes and really changed the hair.
A completely different girl.

How fun and easy is that?


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